English Online Classes for School Children - Sri Lanka

English Online Classes  for School Children - Sri Lanka

1000Seeds English online classroom for school children of Sri Lanka is the ideal class for your child who is learning English as a foreign language.

Choosing the right English Language Teacher

Choosing the right teacher is a crucial matter in order to establish a sound foundation for your kid’s English Language Learning career which is going to play a vital role in his or her future education.

Why choose 1000Seeds English Online Class ?

Every child is uniquely talented and differently abled for education. Above all, they have different levels of interest for different things. Mrs. Dilhara is a kind teacher with teaching experience of teaching English for kids over 10 years and most importantly a mother with experience of teaching her own child still schooling.

The teacher pays a very good attention to the interests of your kids. She easily blends with the kids and talks about the things of their interests to motivate them to learn English. She appropriately combines the classroom learning tactics with the students’ interests. This is all possible because our online English classroom has the following special features.

A small group class.

Classes are conducted in small groups where the teacher finds it easy to interact with each and every child. Further the children also get to share and learn from the mistakes and talents of the fellow participants.

Individual attention is paid.

Each child constantly gets to interact with the teacher directly. The teacher scrutinizes the behaviour of each child while the lesson is in progress. To enable this, it is an essential rule in the class to keep the camera switched on throughout the session.

The teacher always makes it a point to constantly check each and every learner’s level of understanding by asking questions and creating small conversations.

A kind and patient teacher.

Each child has their own pace of capturing aspects which requires attention and patience of the teacher. Mrs. Dilhara tactfully manages time to provide additional care to those who need further attention and support while not allowing any idle time for the fast learners. At the end of the day, every child improves and reaches their next level.

A very friendly classroom environment is created.

The teacher always teaches to the student’s understanding. Instructions and support is also given in Sinhala language to make kids comfortable while balancing the requirement to use the target language in the classroom. Above all, the student has a voice in the classroom and the teacher encourages loud reading and speaking within a given time frame.

Specially designed lessons that arouse interest and curiosity

The teacher walks an extra mile from using the school textbooks under the national curriculum and provides interesting additional material especially designed to arouse interest and curiosity of your children. Grammar and Vocabulary are taught with practical examples

Each main lesson appropriately includes mini lessons to improve listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Time allocation for daily Speech activities

The classes are conducted via zoom and the teacher daily uses the “Breakout Room Facility” in Zoom to conduct pair activities using role plays to develop Spoken English. This activity is very useful to socialize the kids with the fellow participants and enhance their confidence in using the language outside the classroom.


100% online - Zoom

English for Kids – Grade 2 & 3 “Baby Bees”

English for Kids – Grade 4 & 5 “Panda Bears”

English for Students of Grade 6 & 7 “Mango Friends”

English for Students of Grade 8 & 9 “Red Ninjas”

Video Class for Grade 10 and 11 students.

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