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grade 6 7 8 english classes sri lanka

The class of “Mango Friends” is for junior secondary level students. From this point onwards, the children will be gradually introduced to structured grammar lessons.

Students will learn the Tenses and will have a much advanced discussion on the Eight Parts of Speech. They will also enjoy reading advanced stories, poems and many other interesting reading materials while absorbing a lot of new words and grammar patterns.

Rather than using the foreign based reading, writing and speech materials, children are given a variety of study materials which make sense to them culturally using the familiar situations from the Sri Lankan environment.

The students will be motivated to learn English through flipped learning where they will be provided with a variety of entertaining digital material to make them occupied with the target language at home without stress throughout the week. The objective of employing flipped Learning is to create an environment where the students hear more of the target language.

Much weight will be put into Spoken English which is the foremost output form of a language. Thorough practice in speech activities will be used to get them more familiarized with different aspects of the language. This practice puts them at ease when it comes to the next level; reproduction in the form of writing which is the targeted skill for their G.C.E. Ordinary Level exam.


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