English classes for Kids – Grade 4 & 5 | “Panda Bears”

grade 4 5 english classes sri lanka

The teacher’s method of teaching plays a major role when it comes to learning a foreign language which is not usually being used in your child’s environment. By the time your child reaches the level of “Panda Bears” class, they are expected to have the basic skill of writing words and developing sentences in addition to being able to articulate them.

Grade 4 and 5 students are generally required to absorb a few basic grammar rules and vocabulary under a few themes according to the curriculum. However, 1000Seeds online class introduces the Eight Parts of Speech at its most basic level using appropriate examples to match with their level of understanding while using the following materials and techniques.

  • Grammatical Structures and rules are introduced using fun activities, without structured grammar lessons. A strong foundation is built before they learn English Grammar via formal lessons in the advanced classes.
  • Special focus is given to cover the prescribed vocabulary and the level of competency required for the Scholarship Exam in Grade 5.
  • Plenty of opportunities in the classroom to speak in English in order to absorb the essential grammar areas or patterns.
  • Stories, poems, videos and games are used to teach the concepts in an interesting way.
  • All the materials and speech activities are set in the familiar Sri Lankan socio-cultural environment.


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