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Grade 02, 03 New

පොඩි කාලෙ ඉඳන්ම ඔබේ දරුවාට ඉංග්‍රීසි වදයක් නොවන්න.. විනෝදයෙන් සැහැල්ලුවෙන් ඉගෙනගන්න හැකි කණ්ඩායම් පන්ති 1000Seeds අලුත්ම කණ්ඩායමට මුල සිටම සම්බන්ධ කරන්න. වැඩිදුර තොරතුරු සඳහා 074 0077256 අමතන්න.

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A classroom filled with colour, fun and laughter.

Your small kid should not find learning a harassment which will have a long lasting negative impression on them regarding learning English. A classroom filled with a lot of colour, love and laughter can motivate kids to learn. Baby Bees is a class that makes your child love to learn English.

Teaching little kids is quite a different art that a compassionate personality can master over time with a lot of practice.

A good teacher accepts that it is quite natural for kids to get easily distracted when taking lessons especially when they are learning a foreign language which is not quite familiar to them. The classroom strategies include the following in order to avoid distraction and frustration of long hours of learning. These interesting teaching methods help students to maintain focus : -

  • Using a lot of colourful visuals
  • Teacher makes use of very expressive gestures while teaching
  • Regularly and appropriately praise the students’ performance and encourage learning
  • Live singing with the teacher
  • Children enjoy doing Games
  • Children enjoy drawing things


100% online - Zoom

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